Clinic Appointments

Doctors' Health SA After-hours GP Assessment Clinic

Please note that our service is available ONLY to registered doctors and medical students. If you are NOT a registered member of the medical profession, please do not proceed.

If you do not have your own doctor, the not-for-profit DHSA after-hours clinic is a convenient point of first call.

The South Terrace Clinic is open for the following after-hours times:

  • Monday: 5 - 8.30pm (alternate - check bookings online)
  • Wednesday: 5 - 8.30pm (alternate - check bookings online)
  • Saturday: 9 - 12.30pm

We have a team of experienced GPs working on a casual basis at the clinic. They possess a very broad range of clinical skills in general practice, mental health, contraception, women’s health and primary care…. i.e. anything!

Contact us if a time does not suit, or view our "Find a GP" page to see someone close to you.

We offer four types of medical service:

Call the clinic on 8232 1250 or book online by clicking on "Book Appointment" in top right hand corner, green button. A confirmation email will be sent then you will receive a Confidential Medical History Form to complete prior to appointment.

1. Comprehensive medical check-ups

  • conducted over 2-3 consultations
  • includes cardiovascular and cancer risk assessment
  • initial appointment is 30 mins (60 mins for rural doctors)
  • follow-up appointment is 60 minutes to discuss results, complete the physical examination and discuss your areas of risk and future treatment.

We encourage a follow-up comprehensive check- up in cases where they do not have their own doctor We encourage every doctor and student to select a GP of choice in the community.

There is no substitute for regular GP support, and DHSA encourages doctors to let us do everything possible to safeguard their health.

You will need to bring your completed Confidential Medical History Form along to give to your doctor at the appointment. If you prefer to see a local community- based GP who is a member of the DHSA team, please go to our Find a GP page.

Fees for GP consultations at Doctors' Health SA - updated as at 1 August 2021:

The new fee schedule for DHSA Clinic GP and ongoing telemedicine appointments: (NB: rural and remote doctors see notes below table)

Consultation Type and Fees

Attendance - Brief

Private Fee: $50 Medicare - Rebate: $17.90 Gap: $32.10

Attendance < 20 minutes

Private Fee: $97 Medicare Rebate: $39.10 Gap: $57.90

Attendance 20-39 minutes

Private Fee: $171 Medicare Rebate: $75.75 Gap: $95.25

Attendance ≥ 40 minutes

Private Fee: $259 Medicare Rebate: $111.50 Gap: $147.50

*Medical Students will be bulk billed for all services

There are also changes to billing process for rural doctor patients due to changes in grant funding available for this financial year.

Rural SA telemedicine -The initial tele-consultation will be provided at no cost and subsidised by the Country SA PHN grant.

Any further appointments will be billed as follows:

  1. If you have not seen the DHSA Doctor face-to-face in the previous 12 months, the service is not Medicare-rebatable and the usual practice fee will apply (refer to above fees).
  2. If you have seen a DHSA Doctor face-to-face, either at the DHSA clinic or through the RDWA supported rural Outreach GP visit program in the previous 12 months, the service is Medicare-rebatable and the usual practice fee will apply (refer to above fees).

Rural doctors will therefore need to attend the DHSA clinic in person or have a rural outreach GP visit face-to-face to be able to claim Medicare rebates, or can continue to pay the private fee for ongoing telehealth through the service without a face-to-face visit.

SA Rural outreach visits - The initial face-to-face consultation will be subsidised and supported by the RDWA grant, allowing the patient to be bulk-billed for this initial appointment. Any follow-up appointments, either face-to-face or via tele-health, are therefore Medicare-rebatable and the usual practice fee will apply (refer to above fees).

Northern Territory doctors and medical students telemedicine -The initial tele-consultation will be subsidised by NT grant funds and provided at no cost to NT doctor-patients. Any further telehealth appointments are not grant-funded and not Medicare rebatable and will therefore be billed as a private patient (refer to above fees).

This service is suited to:

  • those doctors who have not seen a doctor for some time (and may have never had a thorough medical assessment) and
  • those who have been managing their own health without an independent assessment of their risk.
  • such check-ups attract 5 MIGA IRM points

2. Acute medical assessment

  • 30 minutes
  • for any type of presentation including acute physical or mental illness
  • follow-up appointments will be discussed and arrangements made

The service is suited to:

  • unwell doctors or students who can’t access or do not have their own doctor.

3. Periodical care

We understand that many doctors prefer a blended form of care whereby they may manage some things them self and may only seek an independent review by another doctor for certain things and only some of the time.

This service is suited to:

  • those self-treating and self-investigating doctors who really should have another doctor cast a fresh set of eyes on their problem list!

4. Telemedicine

Appointments can be made via our 'book appointments' (green button above, top right hand side) you can nominate a telemedicine appointment if this is preferable for you. If there is a time not suitable we can be flexible with these, please phone our Clinic on 8232 1250 or email Reception at

This service is suited to:

  • the rural and remote doctors
  • doctors/medical students who schedules make it easier to have the appointment over the phone or video
  • doctors/medical students who prefer not to come into the clinic

Two-stage appointment

We encourage doctors and medical students without a doctor to raise any immediate areas of concern, and also to have a comprehensive check-up (we will help you to find a GP of choice for your on-going medical care).

Your medical assessment may need to be conducted over two appointments, the first of which is an initial half-hour consultation, followed by a second longer appointment to allow a full assessment by your treating doctor along with a proper discussion. If you feel a longer initial appointment is required, you can book a one-hour appointment (rural doctors especially may find this option more convenient).