Wellbeing & Self-Care for GPs/Registrars

Jarmer's Kitchen, 19 Park Terrace, Bowden SA 5007

Learn how health professionals can take care of their own wellbeing with Toni Mulraney, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program Teacher. Toni will provide an experiential taste of mindfulness practice as a simple yet powerful way to minimise stress and maximise wellness and wellbeing. Participants will be guided through some of the core mindfulness practices to experience the impact immediately and first hand.

Dr Jill Benson, Doctors’ Health SA GP, will also inform attendees on the ‘Doctors’ Health SA Program’ and will provide Doctors' Health SA's top tips for staying well.

When and where Wednesday 12th May 2021

Registration is free - via this link.

Download the flyer and share with colleagues here.