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Doctors' Health Blogs

There are some great blogs written by doctors whom you may like to follow:

Dr Tim Leeuwenburg, Rural GP based on Kangaroo Island, SA. Tim writes about his passion, working as a rural GP and emergency medicine. He also has links to other doctor bloggers. This link is directly to his blog on 'doctor self care' KI Doc Blog

Dr Eric Levi, a Melbourne-trained Australian Specialist Otolaryngologist, Ear Nose & Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon. Eric writes and speaks regularly on other Medical Matters close to his heart including Leadership, Social Media, Communication, Teaching and Doctors’ Well-being - Dr Levi's Blog

Dr Juvi a GP working in Melbourne, started his blog after going through some personal stressors, not directly related to work. However going through those things made him re-evaluate some things, and reflect on where he was. Recently speaking at the Australasian Doctors' Health Conference in Sydney, 2017, take a view of Serenity Blog

Dr Maxine Szramka is a physician based in Sydney who works full time in private practice in Rheumatology. She is passionate about and an advocate for the health and well-being of the medical profession. Equally passionate about education, equity, equality and empowerment, with a deep care for all people, here Dr Maxine writes on health, well-being, medicine, science and society. View blog here Dr Maxine Speaks

Dr Kate is a junior doctor in Australia, about to embark on GP training. "The health and wellbeing of doctors is also close to my heart, and the experience of being a doctor in the Australian health system is a topic I often write about". View Dr Kate's blog.

Dr Shahina Braganza, Emergency Physician, Queensland, regularly blogs about looking after yourself as a medical practitioner. Her most recent blog (January 2019) was about welcoming new interns to the best job in the world - view Shahina's blog and more here.

**Do you, or do you know a doctor or medical student who blogs which supports the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students, email us the details to share on this webpage.

A selection of doctors who blog on health and wellbeing. The act of writing/blogging itself is a healthy outlet to share experiences, thoughts and self-care strategies for busy medical professionals.