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Donate to Support A Colleague

Doctors' Health SA is a registered charity and as a not-for-profit is able to receive donations that are tax deductible for those who wish to support their medical colleagues by contributing to this program and its services.

Doctors' Health SA has been caring for doctors and medical students since opening in 2010. Over 1500 doctors and medical students have accessed the service to date. Every patient has valued the extensive care and support they have received, and as COVID continues to impact the health system significantly the mental and physical health of doctors is being challenged and it is vital that the Doctors' Health SA team can continue to support doctors when they need it.

Your donation, big or small, will contribute to the core services of Doctors' Health SA including:

  • 24/7 phone service - operated by DHSA's GPs - 08 8366 0250
  • Free support to Medical Students
  • Support to our most remote doctors in SA and NT, who can not easily access healthcare for themselves

DONATE NOW on this link

Thank you for your generosity and support.

If you or a colleague need support, do not hesitate to reach out and seek support, either by booking an appointment at the Clinic or speak to a GP, 24/7, phone 08 8366 0250.