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Mindfulness is a core 21st Century skill for everyone.

Doctors' Health SA is delivering the program 'Building Resilience in Medicine' (BRIM) for doctors and medical students to have the opportunity to be able to build and enhance the skill of mindfulness.

To further support this program and beyond we will keep this webpage up to date with where you can continue to find ideas and resources about Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Courses

Dr Maura Kenny is one of our BRIM Facilitators who offers courses on Mindfulness. Details below and visit Maura's website, Mindful Self Care Programs

  • The six-week course is specifically designed for those in the healthcare profession who need a time friendly introduction to mindfulness. Practising 15 minute guided meditations daily and cultivating mindfulness in daily life under the guidance of an experienced mindfulness teacher allows participants to see if this is an approach that resonates. To explore a more in depth approach, you may wish to do the full 8 week course.

For more local SA courses run by respected and well-trained teachers visit