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Mentor Programs

Mentoring programs / resources for doctors

Mentor program for Rural and remote health professionals – CRANAplus - details via this link.

Mentoring Doctors: How to Design and Implement a Junior Doctor Mentoring Program

Mentoring Doctors is the first mentoring program start-up guide for the junior doctor mentoring program. Peak medical bodies recommend mentoring as an important support strategy for junior doctors. Based on The Townsville Hospital's Doctors for Doctors mentoring program, this book teaches you how to design and implement a mentoring program for junior doctors at your facility. Review of book here and to order.

Doctors’ in Training Mentor Program – AMA Victoria

This mentoring program is to provide a supportive and safe format for DiTs to consider and discuss career and professional development opportunities and challenges by engaging with a more experienced doctor who has skills in mentoring. Details here.

Younger Surgeon Mentoring Program

Includes a list of available mentors. As well a range of resources for mentors and mentees. Read details here.

Importance of Mentoring

The importance of mentoring for junior doctors. Article detailing the obstetrics and gynaecology mentorship scheme (UK). Read article here.

The value of mentoring

The value of peer mentoring for the psychosocial wellbeing of junior doctors: a randomised controlled study - read article here.

Aboriginal Indigenous Doctors’ Association Ltd (AIDA) – Mentoring Program

AIDA provides mentoring as a benefit for our members; it is a way for our members to support and guide each other through their medical studies and then careers as Indigenous medical practitioners. View more here.

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) Faculty of Pain Medicine Mentoring Program

The mentoring program aims to support pain medicine trainees and fellows during their training and/or early post fellowship years. Mentoring is a voluntary relationship, typically between an experienced person and a more junior colleague. It enables the current and next generations of pain medicine physicians to meet and share ideas, thoughts and experiences. All details here.

Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)

The ACEM mentoring program and resources have been specifically produced and designed to support emergency physicians as mentees, mentors and program coordinators. More details here.

**this list is not exhaustive! Let us know a mentor program you believe has been helpful and we will add it to our list. Email Doctors' Health SA Program Manager, Kiara Cannizzaro