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Medical Benevolent Association of SA

The Medical Benevolent Association of South Australia (MBASA) receives secretariat support from the AMA(SA) as well managing the financial records of MBASA.

The MBASA purely depends on donations from the profession and other organisations and have been grateful of past support from the Chinese Medical Association of SA and Avant Medical.

Current Board of Trustees are Dr Jill Maxwell, Chairman; Dr Michael Rice, Dr Peter Joseph, Dr Rodney Pearce, Dr Bill Heddle, Dr John Wyett, Dr Peter Ford, Dr Patricia Montanaro and Dr Janice Fletcher.

MBASA has a long-standing but informal ties with AMA(SA).

MBASA encourages all doctors, including trainee, salaried medical officers and private practitioners to have personal income protection and an effective financial plan. An up to date Will is also essential; more than once, the MBASA Board has been asked to help families facing significant financial difficulties, albeit in the short term, because there was not a Will to dictate arrangements.

Applications for short-term financial assistance is possible and as the Board strengthens its financial resources it hope to offer longer term support.

To contact the MBASA - write to the Medical Benevolent Association of SA, P O Box 685, Fullarton SA 5063