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DHSA Partnerships

Funding partnerships

DHSA is a not-for-profit and receives financial support from a number of organisations and revenue streams including:

  1. The Medical Board of Australia, through its decision to grant arms-length financial support to external doctors’ health programs including DHSA (funding has been received since 2014)
  2. Country SA PHN which recognises the importance to the community of a healthy medical workforce
  3. Various revenue streams including after-hours clinic fees-for-service, bank interest and rental returns
  4. Grants (previously through Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, Rural Health Alliance, Perpetual Trustees)

Operational Partnerships

DHSA works with a range of interested businesses and organisations to promote and implement the program.

These include:

Collaborative Colleges and individuals

Medical Colleges with we have worked with in the past and continue to do so includes Colleges of Anaesthetists, Physicians, Obstetricians, Dermatologists and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

We rely on the input of expert educators in our training and education and these include:

  • Dr Maura Kenny
  • Dr Jill Benson
  • Ms Mardi Webber
  • Ms Christina Sougleris
  • Dr Peter Lee
  • Assoc Prof John Litt
  • Dr Rene Pols
  • Dr Chris Holmwood
  • Dr Robert Culver
  • Dr John Tomich
  • Dr Peter Allcroft
  • Dr Lachlan Warren
  • Dr Bob Kass
  • Dr Luan Huynh
  • Prof Justin Beilby
  • Dr Alistair Begg and
  • Dr Peter Stuart