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Your Medical Career

Applying for a position as part of your medical career progression and/or wishing to join a Board as a Director involves certain skills that we do not necessarily gain in our medical training. 

Understanding how to communicate and 'sell' yourself is vital when applying for these roles. There are specialised support services which you can tap into to support you in working through the process of recruitment.


Standout Medical Careers assists people take the necessary actions to pursue their dream career opportunities by providing trusted support and services.

Founder, Anita Fletcher, helps doctors find career fulfillment in both clinical and non-clinical roles. This can involve coaching and consulting in:

  • Interview preparation
  • Resume review
  • Resume writing
  • Executive coaching
  • Career development coaching
  • Corporate training
  • Workshops and seminars

Preparation is key and detailed planning a must, so that you can stand out from other applicants.

As a medical career coach, Anita provides personalised coaching and assistance to ensure your CV is of a professional standard and you have the necessary confidence to apply for any role.

Services provided:

  • Career path: work with you to map out your career path and how to obtain your ideal role
  • Portfolio career: Anita's extensive knowledge of clinical and non-clinical roles available to doctors, Anita can assist with identifying your passions and how to include them in your portfolio career
  • Workshops and training: Whether you’re a medical student or a specialist, Anita provides you with the knowledge and tools to stand out in a competitive industry

Anita recently has partnered with MIGA to support more doctors nationally through her career coaching services, specialist consulting and training. Working together with MIGA to support doctors on their path to career success.

For more information visit Standout Medical Careers here.

Career Support & Coaching to help doctors forge individualised career plans, develop leadership and communication skills, navigate challenging professional situations and present impactful applications that get noticed.

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