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Doctors Sharing Their Health Stories

This webpage is a collection of articles, editorials and websites where doctors from around the world share their own stories about their own illness or how medicine has impacted on their health over the years.


The first article we are sharing is by Dr Michael S. Weinstein, M.D., M.B.E., a surgeon in the USA who recently wrote for the New England Journal of Medicine about his life in living and working professionally with depression - "Out of the Straitjacket", 1st March 2018.


Former Federal AMA President, Dr Steve Hambleton, fell ill suddenly and unexpectedly when working in Canberra.

He flew in to Canberra early on a Wednesday, for a meeting of an MBS Review Committee. He made it to the meeting, but not for long. By midday, he was in the ED at Canberra Hospital - read Steve's article on his experience as a patient "When the Doctor becomes the Patient", November 2018.