Coaching for Doctors

Professional Coaching for Doctors

".....Professional coaching may be an effective way to reduce emotional exhaustion and overall burnout as well as improve quality of life and resilience for some physicians....." Researchers have found professional coaching may reduce work-related stress [more on the research here].

Over the past few years doctors connecting with a professional coach has increased. As a Doctors' health service we have seen the benefits of our doctor-patients adding a professional coach to their own self-care health and wellbeing team.

Find out more about coaches who specialise in supporting doctors:

Sharee Johnson - Founder, Coaching for Doctors

MAPS BBSc Grad Dip App Psych Grad Dip HR - Author of "The Thriving Doctor" released in early 2022

Sharee is a registered Psychologist and Executive Coach. She considers mindfulness the most effective way to bring sustained change and focus to life. As a mindful practitioner she brings a deep understanding and lived experience of the power of presence, supported by a depth of experience and accreditations. Integrating mindfulness into her coaching practice enables Sharee’s clients to benefit from a growth mindset and improve their performance and their well-being.

To connect with Sharee, visit her website here.

Gail Carmody - Certified Life Coach

Gail Carmody is a coach for healthcare professionals and is a Certified Life Coach with a background of 40 years Management in the Healthcare Sector.

She provides coaching, mentoring and facilitating through her experience, insight, and understanding of healthcare professionals and of the healthcare system from her many years of experience in various roles—from RN to Healthcare Consultant to Director of Coaching for Healthcare. Coaching is a great tool that will help healthcare professionals develop strategies to bridge gaps that may exist in any area of their professional or personal life. Furthermore, coaching can help professionals improve their work and life skills, leading to a more meaningful and healthier work/life balance.

You can reach Gail via:

Mobile: +61 405720115


Website link here.