Doctors' Health Blogs


There are also some great blogs written by doctors whom you may like to follow.

Dr Tim Leeuwenburg, Rural GP based on Kangaroo Island, SA. Tim writes about his passion, working as a rural GP and emergency medicine. He also has links to other doctor bloggers. This link is directly to his blog on 'doctor self care' KI Doc Blog 

Dr Eric Levi, a Melbourne-trained Australian Specialist Otolaryngologist, Ear Nose & Throat, Head & Neck Surgeon. Eric writes and speaks regularly on other Medical Matters close to his heart including Leadership, Social Media, Communication, Teaching and Doctors’ Well-being - Dr Levi's Blog

Dr Juvi a GP working in Melbourne, started his blog after going through some personal stressors, not directly related to work. However going through those things made him re-evaluate some things, and reflect on where he was. Recently speaking at the Australasian Doctors' Health Conference in Sydney, 2017, take a view of Serenity Blog

Dr Maxine Szramka is a physician based in Sydney who works full time in private practice in Rheumatology. She is passionate about and an advocate for the health and well-being of the medical profession. Equally passionate about education, equity, equality and empowerment, with a deep care for all people, here Dr Maxine writes on health, well-being, medicine, science and society. View blog here Dr Maxine Speaks

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A selection of doctors who blog on health and wellbeing. The act of writing/blogging itself is a healthy outlet to share experiences, thoughts and self-care strategies for busy medical professionals.