Rural Doctor Outreach Visits

Rural Doctor Check-up Program

We know that geographical isolation is one barrier that prevents rural doctors from accessing independent medical care and we are seeking to address this by funding visits to your region. We have had experience with these in the past, through a similar program run by the RDWA’s Dr DOC program in 2003 which was very well received by the dozens of rural doctors who participated.

This is a way to access timely medical care for yourself. This initiative aims to directly support the health of rural and remote doctors working across SA and we are fortunate to have a team of experienced GPs who are keen to offer the service to their colleagues.

It was the one appointment where I had all of my missing GP care put back to my life feedback from rural doctor-patient.

In this financial year (21/22) DHSA has received funding from the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency to deliver check-ups to rural doctors across South Australia.

What is a rural check-up consultation?

It is a free, grant-funded, private medical consultation between you and your visiting treating doctor. It consists of a history and examination and other investigations if required. It is a thorough clinical and risk assessment of your current health and can last up to two hours, if necessary. It is an opportunity to confidentially discuss any concerns you may have in a private setting. It will be conducted in your own rooms at your practice, at a convenient time on a weekend. The aim is to assess your current and emerging risks and work out a treatment plan with your visiting doctor.

What are the advantages of an outreach consultation for rural doctors?

  • Convenient and timely access to an experienced doctor who understands rural practice.
  • Time to explore the issues
  • Elimination of barriers such as travel time and cost and absence from work
  • Privacy, confidentiality and empathy
  • No cost.

Your visiting team of Doctors' Health SA GPs:

- Dr Hema Shankar

- Dr Jill Benson

- Dr Lorenzo Ponte


Contact Program Manager, Kiara Cannizzaro, on email

You must book an appointment, no appointments can be made on the day. The DHSA GP team are happy to visit anywhere across rural and remote SA. Let us know if you are interested.


South East 2022 - Mount Gambier 26th & 27th February

Riverland - 23rd & 24th April - Loxton

Would you like us to visit your practice and see you? Email Kiara Cannizzaro at

If you need urgent support at any time, please contact our 24/7 Urgent Advice Phone line on 08 8366 0250.

If you wish to access telemedicine - please view information about that service here.

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