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Being a doctor's doctor : being a doctor-patient

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Associate Professor Chris Hogan has had many GP involvements including proceduralist, practice principal, GP advocate, researcher and academic. He is affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Dr Karen Price is a GP and a member of the GPs Down Under Facebook group administrative team. She is Deputy Chair of RACGP Victoria, and a PhD candidate on the “Role of peer connection in general practice” at Monash University.

About the barriers and issues for doctors seeking health care as well a little review of Doctors' Health SA's "Doctors for Doctors" Training day held on 2nd November 2019.

Doctors needing help have difficulty seeking help and, furthermore, once they access help they may not be treated as well as someone without a medical degree. For doctors treating doctors these are some important tips provided by the Doctors Health Services course recently held in South Australia - link to full article here.