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Clinical Courage - Rural doctors

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"Exploration of rural physicians’ lived experience of practising outside their usual scope of practice to provide access to essential medical care (clinical courage): an international phenomenological study"

Study and article conducted by rural doctors, including South Australian doctor, Professor Lucie Walters.

Rural doctors were recruited for this study at the WONCA Rural Conference, 14th World Rural Health Conference in Cairns, Australia.

Aristotle reportedly emphasised that courageous action required: (1) a morally worthy goal or ideal, (2) a dangerous situation and (3) consideration of potential value and threats of any action.11 This study builds on Aristotle’s courageous action when describing the lived experience of doctors who chose to work outside their usual scope of practice to deliver care to their patients in remote and rural contexts. These features of clinical courage arose from the voices of the rural doctor participants of this study.

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Professor Lucie Walters