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Think you know when to make a mandatory notification?

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......When should we make a notification?

Under the amended National Law, a treating doctor caring for another health practitioner or student must have “sufficient grounds” and solid evidence that their patient is posing an ongoing substantial risk of harm to the public. “A reasonable belief” is based on a thorough psychiatric assessment including the level of insight of the patient, the effectiveness of mental health treatment and whether the practitioner- or student-patient requires time off work to recover. It is a clinical, not a legal assessment.

“… a doctor with an impairment who takes time out to deal with it, or who is receiving treatment that will remove the risk to the public, does not need to be reported, because there is no ongoing risk,” which has been reiterated a number of times publicly by Dr Anne Tonkin, Chair of the Medical Board.


"the threshold is high, and soon to be higher, for reporting impairment in practitioners and students, and in most circumstances, a notification won’t be needed as mental illness can be treated successfully."

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