#crazysocks4docs 2020


#CrazySocks4Docs 2020

Doctors' Health SA along with South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association & Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation proud to be Principal Partners of the 2020 in South Australia for the #CrazySocks4Docs Campaign.

#CrazySocks4Docs is about raising awareness of the mental health issues experienced by doctors, who just like any person can also suffer the full range of mental health issues – anxiety, depression, burnout, fear, anger and more.

Crazysocks4docs was started in 2017 by Dr Geoff Toogood, who has championed mental health support for doctors after his own battle with mental illness. In the shadow of a global pandemic the issue has become even more relevant. Join Geoff's live national launch on 5th June here -…/registra…/Site/Register

It's time for us to shine a spotlight on the issue of mental health for our doctors and you can help.

Throughout June there will be a series of videos posted online from doctors explaining the importance of mental health and the actions doctors can take to look after themselves, culminating with a webinar on the last Friday in June. Take some time to check these out.

You can also help by either buying some Breakthrough Foundation Crazy Socks to wear on Friday June 5 or by taking part in the 'Walk the Block in Your Socks' fundraising challenge. Funds raised will go to doctor-specific mental health research.

You can also raise awareness by just wearing crazy socks on Friday, 5 June 2020, or create an event any time in June and start a discussion about doctor wellbeing. Take photos and share your crazy, zany socks on social media!

Doctors' Health SA invites all doctors and their colleagues to join this important campaign throughout June. Rural practices are encouraged to come together as well with the support of funding via a Country SA PHN Grant - contact Doctors' Health SA's Program Manager, Kiara Cannizzaro directly to find out more! Email

We know that our doctors are not immune to mental health issues, and we must do all we can to support each other - and even more so during these extraordinary times. Our younger doctors are particularly finding it challenging with changes to training pathways and exam times, and also our private practitioners with so many changes to clinical practice and the way in which patients have responded to COVID-19. It is vital that we continue to strengthen the supports around all doctors and medical students - all proceeds of the socks and other activities of this campaign are going toward further research of doctors' mental health. Please join us and help out if you can!

We are very grateful to all sponsors - SA Health SALHN, MIGA (Medical Insurance Group), ORAMA Institute (Flinders Uni), GPEx, RACGP, Wellbeing SA, Adelaide PHN & Australian Medical Placements

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Dr Geoff Toogood (left) Cardiologist & Founder of CrazySocks4Docs

Thank you to our fellow Principle Partners